Alex Lakatos
Alex Lakatos

I've joined Nexmo

Jun 5, 2017

I’ve joined Nexmo as their newly minted JavaScript Developer Advocate! I’m going to be helping create documentation around a conversation centric client-side SDK that we’re working on. Ask me about it if first chance you get. I’ll also try to follow greatness and shepherd the nexmo-node and nexmo-cli code bases.

Speaking at CodeCamp Cluj

Sep 11, 2016

At the beginning of May I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to speak at CodeCamp Cluj alongside fellow Mozilla Tech Speakers Ioana Chiorean and Jobava Bareev. CodeCamp is a local IT community & conference in Cluj, aiming for better communication among the IT people. It started small in 2008 in Iasi and it grew organically, continuously fulfilling the community demand. It now consists of 10 parallel tracks with 60 sessions and almost 2000 participants.