At the beginning of May I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to speak at CodeCamp Cluj alongside fellow Mozilla Tech Speakers Ioana Chiorean and Jobava Bareev. CodeCamp is a local IT community & conference in Cluj, aiming for better communication among the IT people. It started small in 2008 in Iasi and it grew organically, continuously fulfilling the community demand. It now consists of 10 parallel tracks with 60 sessions and almost 2000 participants.

The event had 8 tracks running in parallel, and even though they were not named per se, there was a running theme for each room. My talk was in room 3, which of course was all about JavaScript. The first half of the day was filled with React, Flux, Redux and Flyd, with the afternoon being filled with talks about Firefox OS, Connected Devices, Aurelia and Debugging.

With the 8 tracks running in parallel, it was really hard to choose amongst so many great talks. But since I’m a tad bit biased towards JavaScript, it was easy to make the JavaScript room my oyster, and just pop out for the most compelling talks.

Here’s a recap of what I saw and can still remember a few months after attending:

  • Ioana talked about testing and herself, but mostly herself. On the testing side she talked about a program Mozilla ran called Buddy Up in which they used the community to crowdtest Firefox OS. If you happen to meet her, do ask about it!
  • Tibi Covaci talked about one of the new SPA frameworks in the JS world called Aurelia. The tagline is :”Aurelia is a JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and web leveraging simple conventions and empowering creativity”.
  • Lots of React / Flux / Redux talks. Everything you needed to know in order to start, was packed in the first 2 presentations on the track. The third one featured Flyd, which is a streams library that you can couple with React.

I talked about Mozilla’s pivot from Firefox OS to Connected Devices. I started with a tad bit of the history with Firefox OS, the things that worked well and we’re still keeping. I talked about the transition plan to wind down the product and then showed off our new Innovation Process for dealing with Connected Devices. I finished off with a showcase of our current Connected Devices projects and urged the attendees to try them out or contribute via the Community Experimentation Launchpad.

Conclussion: CodeCamp is a massive event, a “must be” for the Cluj tech scene. I can’t encourage you enough to speak at (they are having a call for speakers open right now) or at least attend the next one in the fall. We did, and we had a great time, mozillians were everywhere!